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Brand Promise

You Will Love Your Technology!
Our brand promise to our customers is that they will love their technology. It is a bold brand promise but it is a promise that we continue to strive for. We don't just want one person in your organization to love the new technology you implement, we want everyone to embrace it. How many people can say that they love their technology in your organization? Well here at Dice Communications that is our commitment to our customers. See how you can love you technology by partnering with the leading integrator in the country.

We are dedicated to remaining honest, committed, thorough, innovative, and dynamic

Executive Leadership Team

Dice Communications is hyper-focused on a mission that delivers upon our internal expertise and best-in-class portfolio of products and services. Dice employs the top engineering resources, sales professionals, and support staff in the country.

At Dice Communications, our team of experts is united in our mission to introduce efficient, innovative, and state-of-the-art telecommunication solutions into your day-to-day business operations. Learn more about what differentiates us from the crowd by hearing more about our Proven Process.

Tina Dice

Dice Communications is headed by Tina Dice. She leads a strong management team that is focused on keeping Dice's mission of "crafting better customer solutions and services" relevant to every customer. She's responsible for maximizing growth opportunities and driving process optimization across all parts of Dice Communications.



Zach Dice

Zach leads daily business operations and oversees the development and execution of the Company's growth strategy and initiatives. Zach has more than 15 years of experience in technology management. Zach has played a central role in the dramatic growth, managing the company's organic expansion and leading the integration of the enterprise business.

Chief Executive Officer


John Huerter

Director of Finance



David Baker

DavidBusiness Process Manager


Dice Communications is an innovative communication solution company specializing in Enterprise class voice, data, wireless and carrier grade communications

Dice Communications is the leading integrator of best-in-class technology solutions in both the Enterprise and Carrier divisions. We operate personnel from coast to coast and focus our expertise in the area of multi-site locations in the verticals of Education, State & local Government, healthcare, banking, and the private sector.

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Mission & Vision

Dice Communications' vision is to be the Nation's largest leading integrator of world-class technology solutions. Our mission is to strategically align with the top manufacturers within our product portfolio while maintaining the highest level of engineering expertise in the county and a Proven Process that sets us apart from our competition to ensure that our customers love their technology.

Our Story

Dice Communications started just like any other young entrepreneur does, with a grandiose dream. The dream for our company was to be the largest Alcatel-Lucent Business Partner in the country. Starting with only SMB expertise, co-owners Zach & Tina Dice had to recruit the top engineering and service talent in the country to get to the Enterprise level. This, along with maintaining the Midwest values helped Dice Communications to achieve its original goal within four years; Dice Communications had become the largest Alcatel-Lucent Business Partner in the country.

From there Dice's vision and mission just expanded to include the remaining best-in-class products for our portfolio. The core focus of Dice Communications remains to be a leading provider of technology solutions for voice, data center, Wireless LAN, hosted solutions, AaaS, carrier communications equipment, and dial tone services.

Now, Dice Communications operates personnel from coast to coast while still headquartered in Omaha, Nebraska.

State Contracts

Dice Communications is a Woman-Owned business and a leader in the largest state contracts in North America; we help companies optimize their contracts and fulfill WBE purchasing requirements simultaneously.



"Partner of the Year" 2018, "Communications Partner of the Year" 2017, "Education Partner of the Year" 2016, "Unified Communications Partner of the Year" 2015, #840 Inc.5000 Fastest Growing Private Company 2015, "Excellence Partner for North America" 2014, #672 Inc.5000 Fastest Growing Private Company 2014, "Investing in the Future of Alcatel-Lucent" 2013